An Employment Lawyer’s Take on the Barstool Sports Contract Controversy

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Elika Sadeghi drew loads of attention last week for posting an employment contract offered to her by Barstool Sports which asked her to explicitly acknowledge that she would be working in a climate where she might be exposed to “nudity, sexual scenarios, racial epithets, suggestive gestures, profanity and references to stereotypes,” and to “expressly agree and represent” that she did not object to “such speech and conduct” and did not find it objectionable.

In response, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy posted a video in which he raged about Ms. Sadeghi’s actions, saying she was trying to make herself a part of a story that had nothing to do with her, that Barstool did not allow people to “grope” other employees and therefore, “We’re not Harvey Weinstein,” saying to Ms. Sadeghi “Well, f*** you for making us part of this story,” and concluding with “Hey Elika: keep your name off our lips” and “this is friggin’ garbage” as he walked angrily off tape.

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You’re Richer Than You Think

massachusetts estate tax

What You Need to Know About Massachusetts Estate Tax

Everyone has an estate. It may not look like a sprawling mansion in the countryside, complete with a butler and a carriage driver, but in the eyes of Massachusetts law, if you have any assets to your name (even just a bank account), you have an estate.

It’s highly likely that your estate makes you richer than you think, and here’s why: your estate is more than just your home and your current bank account balance. It includes life insurance, annuities, business interests, retirement accounts and more.

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5 Reasons a Will Alone Isn’t Enough

will estate planning

Even though it’s not a topic you like to think about on a day-to-day basis, you know you need to prepare for your family’s life after your death.

A will is one of the most common estate planning documents, but surprisingly, this legal document probably doesn’t suffice and won’t guarantee your wishes are carried out. If you’re relying on a will as your sole estate planning document, you could be leaving your family unprotected. While writing a will is a great start, it isn’t comprehensive enough to account for all of the complexities of your finances and your life.
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